JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2020/2021

This partnership-centered IP boutique with patent litigation teams in Munich and Düsseldorf has a strong market presence by representing clients in infringement proceedings, in particular for mechanical and telecoms patents. The office recently...

Ranking Patent Litigation/Lawyers - Volume 4 / ★★★★☆

Patent Litigation/Lawyers

Comment: This partnership-centered IP boutique with patent litigation teams in Munich and Düsseldorf has a strong market presence by representing clients in infringement proceedings, in particular for mechanical and telecoms patents. The office recently represented Wiko in a complex dispute against Sisvel. In other technical fields, the team is regularly mandated by medium-sized companies as well as large corporations, such as AVM Computersysteme and Certoplast. Often, the contact results from the office's established relationships with patent attorneys. For example, Giebe, together with Weickmann & Weickmann, has been litigating for years on behalf of Sram against Shimano over bicycle components. In particular, the office's recent work on chemical patents has been extremely dynamic. In this segment, for example, the office is active in licensing negotiations for Leukocare. Klaka should invest at associate level to drive this development further. This could also benefit its presence in large mobile phone cases, such as connected cars patents, where the patent team has recently had little presence. Klaka's trademark lawyers in particular have good relationships with BMW.

Strengths: Litigation representation related to mechanics u. mobile communications.

Often recommended:  Olaf Giebe ("very efficient), competitor), Dr. Wolfgang Götz ("pragmatic strategist", competitor), Dr. Stefan Eck

Team: 4 Partner, 1 of Counsel

Main focus: Patent litigation and counseling, trademarks and unfair competition.

Clients: Lawsuits: Wiko on mobile communications; TCT on SEPs; AVM Computersysteme on ISDN; Sram on electronic bicycle gears; Certoplast on specialty adhesives. Consulting: Wiko around SEPs; Dürr; Leukocare in portfolio management.

Leading counsel (over 50 years) among litigators in patent law

Olaf Giebe

Ranking Trademark and Design Law - Volume 3/ ★★★★☆
Ranking Competition Law - Volume 3 / ★★★★★

Trademark and design law
Unfair Competition law

Comment: As a traditional litigation firm, Klaka remains one of the leading specialists in trademarks, design and unfair competition. Excellent contacts to many large German groups ensure that the partners' litigation experience continues to grow. The office is still best known for its extensive work for BMW, which it often represents in very fundamental disputes. In addition, other well-known companies such as Deichmann and a large technology group are increasingly relying on the office. The clients of the office can also profit from the experience of the partners in other IP fields, especially patent law. AVM, a long-term client in this field, has recently been represented in a trademark lawsuit. There are also frequent interfaces in copyright and food law, which clients such as Nestlé rely on. As a regular representative of the Wettbewerbszentrale, the office has also recently deepened its know-how in unfair competition litigation in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Strengths: Litigation, experience with geographical indications.

Often recommended:Dr. Ralf Hackbarth ("competent, pleasant, simply great", competitor), Dr. Andreas Schulz, Dr. Stefan Eck ("expert & experienced", competitor about both), Dr. Wolfgang Straub, Dr. Wolfgang Götz ("first-class", "very experienced litigator", competitor), Dr. Stefan Abel ("professional, collegial and open to goal-oriented solutions", competitor), Oliver Rauscher ("very good IP lawyer", client), Dr. Constantin Kurtz ("excellent, factual briefs, very collegial", competitor), Dr. Michael Nieder, as young lawyer Florian Schmidt-Sauerhöfer

Team: 10 partner, 3 associates, 1 of counsel

Main focus: Trademark and design law advice and litigation as well as application and administrative practice. In competition law, especially litigation, frequently at the interface with food law and copyright law as well as pharmaceutical-advertising law. Renowned practice in patent litigation.

Clients: BMW in numerous trademark and design litigations, inter alia against car manufacturer due to use of 'M'; AVM in trademark litigation; Beiersdorf in various trademark litigations; Lafuma in design litigation against shopping channel; Champagne and Cognac Association on geographical indications; Longchamp continuously on counterfeiting; Wettbewerbszentrale in numerous unfair competition lawsuits, e.g. vs. Tesla; UBS on domains; Deichmann ongoing on trademark and design law; continuously: Börlind, DFB, KfW, Unicredit, Nestlé.

Leading names in trademark and competition law

Dr. Ralf Hackbarth